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Monday, 8 March 2010

Project of the Week - Create a New Raspberry Patch

Well, as you can see I have some hard work ahead of me. Sure is cheaper than a gym membership... and far more fun !

This is the patch that I started working on this morning. I want to turn it into beds for summer raspberries (and blackbcurrants further along). My friend John has given me a load of summer raspberry canes/plants and a tonne of blackcurrant canes rooting too. So, I just think of the calories I will burn clearing the growth and strim/dig/lift/drag away !

I have a Bosch battery operated strimmer (don't you dare laugh) as I no longer have the strength or grip to pull start my petrol brush cutter (it's not often I growl at illness). It's a great little machine, however the battery lasts for about 20 minutes only in this heavy stuff and then takes 3 hours to recharge ! It's a game of patience...

The polytunnel bits are growing nicely. I have mixed lettuce, radish and carrots all shooting through the soil in normal germination times, and Cambridge strawberries growing happily. I can't wait for the dwarf french beans, peas and spring onions to show also (all in the tunnel for an early crop).

But - I went to water the tunnel this morning and the hose was frozen all the way, so no water. I checked again at 12.15pm and it was still frozen ! I can see myself walking from the house with bottles and wateringcans soon...

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