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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Donkey Dung Fertiliser & Raised Beds in the Polytunnel

At last the sun is out again !

And it's all of 5C at 1.18pm...

Was -6 last night...

Spring sprang a few weeks back and has well and truly bounced back into its box. Try telling the plants that, many of which are in bud despite the unusual freezing cold weather.

There is some good news - my lettuces and radishes are about 1 cm tall in the polytunnel and I now have 5 raised beds built in there with 3 more to go ! Thank you John for all your help - you sure must enjoy roast dinners and soda bread !

No sign yet of the peas, carrots or french beans that I have also sown in the new tunnel beds - but there is time yet and my mouth waters at the mere thought of them.

Well now I must go back to shovelling donkey doo doo (dung, shit, waste) into the newest beds, which I mix with the natural soil in the tunnel and the recycled compost from last years tomatoes, to form the base of the soil for the beds.

Enjoy the sun while it's here - because it will be gone again by June...

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