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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring is Officially Here - Vernal Equinox - Ostara

It's here at last ! Let's hope the weather systems know about the Spring Equinox too !

Today at 5.32pm (Irish/English time) it is the Vernal Equinox for 2010. If you are wondering what a Vernal Equinox is, have a read here Equinox Info. This is a pretty comprehensive explanation.

Basically equinox = balanced light. It's when the days and nights have equal length.

Here in Ireland it occurs when the rising sun penetrates the passage of cairn T at Loughcrew in Co Meath, illuminating the backstone.

This is when Spring begins in Ireland YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Not a day too soon !

In my reading this morning over my mug of coffee (bad girl I know) I found this web page tylwythteg.com. Turn off the sound real FAST (as the music is really YUK & terrible). Scroll down past the rubbishy advertising and there is a very interesting article about the veranal equinox and how it was/is celebrated by Pagans and Christians alike in Wales, and how the festivals for both have interconnected.

There are some lovely little fascinating titbits in there.

Enjoy the day - and remember to celebrate the end of Winter at 5.32pm - I will be.


  1. Happy Ostara :)

    The first link didn't work for me, but the second and third did perfectly. Both very interesting, I really enjoyed the latter.


  2. Thank you Nuria :o)

    I have just corrected the broken first link (the equinox info) - it was my fault, I didn't format it properly.

    Hope you find it interesting...