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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Breaking News - Clever Folk Prefer Felines to Canines

The following short article appeared in the Irish Independent yesterday...

Clever folk prefer felines to canines

Clever people are more likely to own cats than dogs, a study has revealed.

People with degrees were found to favour cats - possibly because longer working hours left less time to devote to a dog, according to the findings published in the 'Veterinary Record'. Cats were more likely to be owned by households with gardens, semi-urban and rural households, households with someone qualified to degree level, and respondents who were female and those less than 65 years old.

I have my own theory on this exciting discovery...

The more intelligent you are, the more able you will be to appreciate and see the incredible intelligence cats themselves have. And of course be able to relate to them.

At least I like to think so.............

Not that I'm biased in any way you understand......

1 comment:

  1. lol - No, you are not biased at all, neither am I xD
    ... Still we and many other intelligent people knew that sooner or later, the truth had to come to light ;)

    miaow... ehem, I meant kiss+kiss