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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Creative Things to do with Cucumbers

I always grow a few cucumber plants every summer in my polytunnel and it always bugs me that there isn't more I can do with them.

I don't much like them pickled and what else is there one can do with a cucumber, apart from eat it raw in salad etc ?

Hmmm ?

Here are a few ideas:

(Please feel free to send in any of your own and I will add them)

1. Slug Repellent
Put a few slices in an aluminium tin of some kind. The cucumber somehow reacts chemically with the aluminium and gives off some kind of chemical odour or signal. Slugs and snails apparently hate it and run far away.

OK slide...

2. Hangover Cure
Eat a few slices of cucumber before bed after a night out drinking. By the morning you will feel refreshed and headache free ! They contain sugar, vitamin B and electrolytes, in enough quantities to replace those lost drinking. Your body stays balanced.

3. Cellulite and Wrinkle Removal
Rub some slices of cucumber on your thighs or on areas with wrinkles. Do this for a few minutes, 5 is plenty. The photochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, giving a totally firmer looking upper layer of skin. The same applies to your wrinkles (always supposing you have some - like me).

4. Fogged Up Bathroom Mirror
Use a cucumber slice and rub it over the steamed up bathroom mirror. This will not only keep the mirror clear - but will scent the bathroom too !

5. Squeaky Hinges
A slice of cucumber rubbed along a squeaky hinge can work as well as a squirt of WD40 !

Any more weird and wonderful ideas ?

I will have to test and prove any that are sent in however... so please be kind...

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