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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Foods the Food Safety Experts Won't Eat

I found this article/blog post this evening and though that as it was so clearly written and full of proven accurate information, that I would share it will you all.

I already knew most of it - but I didn't realise about the canned tomatoes.

And don't think it is exaggerated scaremongering - it most definitely isn't. I have drank organic milk for years, and eat organic fruit and veg as much as I can.

I wouldn't touch farmed salmon with a bargepole - I used to see what they were fed... And I have a friend who gets very sick within a few minutes every time she eats farmed salmon.

However, there is an organic salmon farm off the coast of Galway - but I seem to only be able to find the smoked organic salmon in local stores - not fresh organic farmed salmon.

Meat is another biggie - If I can't afford the organic version, then I buy local meat I know has been grass fed and has had an outdoor life. But I try and stick to organic - or simply eat wild caught fish.

Here is the link - The foods the food safety experts won't eat

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