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Monday, 5 October 2009

Unidentified Mushrooms

Help Wanted !

There are 2 of these mushrooms growing on the lawn the last couple of days. It is a mushroom I haven't seen before, similar to a field mushroom but also different.
It has brown bits on the top of the cap and the gills underneath are white. Field mushrooms have brown gills underneath.
I think it might be Parasol Mushroom, Macrolepiota procera, but I'm not totally sure.
If anyone knows what it is called please, I would be very grateful if you would leave a comment letting me know.

I've now also got myself interested in going mushroom hunting ! All that googling at lush edible mushrooms mmmmmmmmm.


  1. Hey...

    I'm sorry I don't know what your mushrooms are but I wanted to say Hi. I've been reading your blog (I have several pints of blackberry and elderberry juice in a pan on the stove and I was looking for ideas)...

    Think I'll try the cordial. There's so much stuff about the anti-viral properties and the flu fighting-ness of it that I'm sure it'll come in useful!

    Its a really cool blog - detailed as well. I already have peanut butter cookies down pat, and in general I work on the basis that if you can throw onion, garlic and chilli into a dish then to tear on - but I was wondering if you have a recipe you would recommend for Christmas cake? I don't really like shop bought at all, I'm sure I'll be eating it at some point over Christmas and if I baked it myself at least I could make it tasty? I really hope I'm not breaking etiquette by asking - its just your blog gives the impression you would be the person who might know and you seem to be generous about sharing your recipes... I hope its OK to have asked...

    Claire x

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thank you very much for your lovely and interesting comment :) I love that you are enjoying the blog.
    Yup the elderberry/blackberry and clove recipe is fantastic for keeping colds etc at bay through the winter, and delicious too !
    I will see what I can find regarding the Christmas cake, its a great idea. I have my Mom's recipe here, and a couple of others I have tried over the years. I can work them together and hopefully make a perfect one !
    I will post it here asap.
    Keep commenting please - I love it. And I also love sharing my ideas about food and recipes - its great fun :)
    Thanks again.

  3. Hey Sophii

    That's so nice of you! Thank you very much...

    I've just moved to NI from London and I'm trying to make the most of the free time that I rather unwillingly have accumulated.

    Luckily, my cooking skills are intermittant to say the least and while I have bursts of competance, I also have lapses. For instance - it turns out that elderberries have a much lower boiling point compared to blackberries (who knew?!) and so I managed to fill an extra 45 minutes simply watching in astonishment as it boiled over, Vesusivus-like, over the cooker. And worktop. Into the oven. Floor. All over the (shiney stainless steel polished) fridge and lastly over the door and wall. I'm hopeful that the stains in the paint on the wall will come out with frequent applicants of whatever cleaning products I can find before my very houseproud boyfriend gets home...

    I had enough juice to make a big bottle or syrup and turn some into jam (although I think the cordial/syrup is trying to set and the jam is defying me by staying runny...) But - it tastes fan-tast-tic! So thank you very much...

    Claire x

  4. Ha ha Claire - you sound like a woman after my own heart (and experiences).

    Did you manage to get it all cleaned up before boyfriend got home ? It sounds like something that happens to me, although my lapses are because I forget things and go off and do something else equally as engrossing... that and old age hmmmmm.

    And by the way - welcome to the island of Ireland :o)