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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why Organic ? A Scary Tale for Halloween

Chapter 1

Why do I buy organic, natural products ?

Well the truth is I don't all the time.  Either because I can't afford the organic products or they simply aren't available where we live.  I buy as much as we can afford, without overspending.  We grow some organic fruit and vegetables ourselves, and have a couple of hens for eggs.  I'm not happy with this.  It isn't enough for me.

I passionately believe that we are what we eat, drink, put on our bodies and inhale from our environment.  Of course we are much more than those things, but they are a large part of the fuel and oil that we put into our bodies.

Chapter 2

For instance, something that is easy to picture.  When you rub sun tan lotion onto your arms in the summer, where does the cream that you can see squeezed out from the bottle go, where do the chemicals go when they are no longer visible on your arm ?  Have they floated away into space, stolen by little green monster aliens ?  Is it some kind of magic potion which disappears once you stop looking at it ?

Clearly the answer to both of the last two questions is a resounding no.  But the answer to the first question is far more scary.

Everything that you put onto your skin or rub into your hair and scalp, is absorbed through the skin and into the cells underneath.  From there much will travel throughout your body; how far and how fast will vary.  So if you smooth that wonderfully smelling sun tan lotion all over your body, then every part of your body will contain the chemicals contained in the lotion.  All of them will have some effect on your body, some will have a tiny, harmless effect, but a deadly few will change cell structures, and damage and/or destroy chemical relationships which are what keeps your body healthy and defending itself.  The damage done is infinite, only comparable to the amount of unhealthy substances you decide to put onto yourself.

Your body was designed in a certain way, using chemical reactions and interactions, as well as electrical systems and much, much more.  Everything that goes on it and into it will affect your physical, mental and spiritual health.  Just as unbearable mental stress will eventually affect your physical body, so physical stress, in the form of chemicals that damage you invisibly inside (as well as more obvious examples like breaking your leg), will sooner or later affect your central nervous system or your immune system, maybe both, and sometimes even your mental health.

Chapter 3

So when you next smooth that luxuriously creamy body lotion onto your skin, think about what's in it, and then think about where it is all going inside you, as it soaks into your cells...  Even that wonderful smell coming from the lotion is made up of physical molecules.  We can only smell things because there are tiny particles of chemicals, called molecules, floating towards us from the source, in this case the body lotion.  They are so small that they float invisibly in the air and literally up our noses.  It's a process of evaporation coming off of the lotion.  Glass doesn't usually smell because nothing evaporates from it.

Therefore, even when you can only smell your body lotion as you remove the cap, that in itself tells you that something alien is invading your body and being absorbed into your delicately balanced cell structure.  For better or for worse...

Queue Psycho music


Despite being unable to always buy organic food, there is one thing I do stick to.  I only ever use organic natural beauty products, that are not tested on animals.  I suppose this is easier because they are something you do not need to buy fresh every day, or even every week/month.  And they are more difficult to produce here on our smallholding !

Just writing this post today has made me decide to grow more food this winter, especially as I have a large polytunnel.  It's reminded me that I have recently become a little complacent about what I eat, and I need to reverse that.

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