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Monday, 18 October 2010

An October Day of Gathering Free Food

Blackberries & sloes gathered in my fields.

I freeze the blackberries for adding to crumbles etc during the winter.

I freeze the sloes also, and use many to make Sloe Gin. I will post my personal recipe instructions for this tomorrow.

I also sometimes make Sloe Jelly.

 Moon daisies still flowering in mid October !

 Mushrooms - I'm afraid I don't know what kind these are.
If anyone out there knows please let me know !

A closer photo of the same cute small mushrooms

 These are Shaggy Ink Caps - an edible mushroom that is very prolific around my land and the area in general.

They must be fried/eaten as soon as you pick them, otherwise you will have a pool of black gooey liquid to clear up and totally disappeared mushrooms !

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