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Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Walk to the East To See The Floods

How about this for diversity - one farmer likes his well trimmed and the other likes his wild and loose...

Part of the swamp at the back of my place - luckily its a nature conservation area

This was just amazing - this is cloud just rolling over the top of one part of the Burren

Incredible cloud formation on the Burren

So still - so tranquil - after such storms for 2 whole weeks

The scale of the flooding in unprecedented - yet beautiful

This was my way out !! Good job I have plenty food in...

The Kinvara - Gort road - or it was......

Running flood water


Flood waters

This was still frozen at 2pm

Equine communications...

Hello there !

A donkey - there were 3 in the field

This is what some people around here do..... There is very little respect or care for the environment from some people

Distant flood waters

Ferns in the hedge

Ivy in flower - masses of flowers on it this year

Pink shrub flowers - I'm looking the name up with add it tomorrow !

More pink flowers

This is one road in - the flood water washed away the road and the council have quickly filled it with stone to that its drivable

These were the clouds today...


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