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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Photos of my Garden Today

This is my tarragon hung in bunches to dry beside the fire just a few days ago. The stove is in my office and the turf gives a nice gentle heat for drying.

Turf dried tarragon....

It will take a few weeks to dry totally.

Now I went out to feed and water the donkeys, came back in to my office and these 2 were on the chair....

How on earth did they get up there ? !!!!!

The runner beans are always prolific and long lasting. They are still flowering and producing beans, and will do so long into November around here.

These are my Autumn fruiting raspberries... the bushes were new in last year so are still baby bushes as raspberries go...
However, during one of Thomas and Aoife's escape adventures, they munched all the top leaves from at least half the raspberry bushes - See the very sad bush on the left ! They ate the leaves off and left the growing fruits !
The bush on the right they didn't touch...

These Alpine Strawberries are incredibly prolific fruiters, well worth growing in anyones garden. They are perennial for a few years, and fruit all summer and autumn.
The berries are Oh So Sweet - exactly like the ones we used to pick in the hedgerows when we were children...

I am busy planning a full website to host this blog in, complete with a recipe database, conversion charts, tips and answers to all those questions you always wanted to ask.
I am also planning a series of foolproof instructions for basic meals for the human being who us allergic to kitchens and cooking !

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