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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Monday Drive Around the Burren & East Clare Coast

Monday was October Bank Holiday here in Ireland and that means PARTY. But, sadly, not for me as at the moment I'm just not able for it.

I decided to ask my friend Kathleen if she would like to come with me on a wee drive around the east Clare coast of the Burren, to La Hinch and to The Rock Shop at Liscannor.
The Rock Shop is probably my favourite shop in Ireland - it's downright dangerous walking in there...
And to add to the danger... there's a coffee shop...

This was my toasted cheese, ham and onion (raw-a fetish of mine) sandwich.

This was Kathleen's sandwich, untoasted. She went for the healthy stuff and let them put lettuce in it.

We both grabbed a bag of these lush English crisps, called Darling Spuds, hand made and deliciously flavoured.
Their web site http://www.darlingspuds.co.uk/ is great fun. And their address is 'Salty Towers' ! For real.
This pic was my choice of flavour - West Country Cheddar (cheese), Leeks and Pink Peppercorns - they were truly tasty.
I also had a bottle of pink grapefruit (another fetish of mine) with spring water.

We then went to La Hinch to oggle, opps I mean observe, the surfer dudes doing their stuff on the incoming Atlantic swell.
There were some good waves now and then, for the patient few.
The great thing about La Hinch, is that you can not only watch the surfers surf, and gaze at the wonderful scenery, but they park right beside the promenade and one can't help but oggle, opps I mean glance at, the guys changing in and out of their wet wetsuits. Another fetish ? No... merely images taking me back to my long lost youth...
That's my excuse.

Just stunning huh
Shame about the other people and the town ! Having said that the town has some quaint shops and a fun art gallery (Kenny and no NOT the Kennys of Galway). And some of the people do wear wet suits...

It's even better in the dead of winter as far less people come here - just the hardened surfer dudes...

Opps I added this one twice and it's a pain deleting them... I seem to manage to delete all sorts...

This was taken at what I think is Liscannor Harbour, on the pier just about...

Read the white writing on the door of the carriage/caravan...

This is the fishermen's tea room ?

This is right on the pier, and is so colourful and quirky it's incredible.

I managed to gather these on Sunday afternoon. Just threw them in here as it's incredible we can still pick blackberries at this time of the year !

Those are wild rose hips I also gathered at the same time. I'll dry them probably and use for tea.

Just perfect.

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