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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Kitty Bedding & Ladybird Feeders

I have had an extremely busy day...

I fed kittens 20 million times... I changed kitten bedding 30 million times... I gave 2 kittens a wash... potty training 40 million times... mopping up 'accidents' 4 times... charged strimmer battery 3 times... strimmed grass 3 times... made 5 loaves wholemeal soda bread for a friend... cooked a roast dinner... did too much proof reading (yuk)... made 20 million peanut butter cookies for the same friend... watched the same friend fix my gate (thank you)... did 3 loads of washing (mostly kitty bedding)... loaded the dishwasher twice... did shopping for cat food and bought 20 millions tins of Whiskas (wonder if I could get discount for mentioning them...)...

Oh by the way all cat lovers. I discovered yesterday that a 6 pack is €3.72 in Dunnes and €5.72 in SuperValu ! Massive difference and well done to Dunnes ! By the way that's a 6 pack of Whiskas tins... Cats don't eat Stella...

Then I chilled.... and read the latest issue of 'Organic Matters', an Irish organic interest mag which is always different and fun.

I found an article on a wee store in Dublin, Dundrum in fact, called The Organic Foodstore (Ecologic). They are Ireland's first organic corner shop ! I can't wait to visit them, but meanwhile I have to make do with surfing their website at

I fell in love with the ladybird feeders they have for sale on there !

Well I had promised a few friends to have the latest kitten pics up here this evening... but I was just too tired.


I will post them tomorrow I promise !


  1. Love to see more pics of the kittens. But what happened to the man that took you out on a date !!