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Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Elder Bush - Some Age Old Remedies

It has always been know that the Elder is a very special tree (well a large shrub really). It has been used for medicinal and magical purposes since people became aware of such things.

The delicate cream Elderflowers appear in May and the dark red, almost black, berries come in early and mid September. Both are incredibly useful for not only food, but for home remedies and preventatives.

Feeling of Sickness - Use the small green new shoots to make a tea.

Mild Inflammation - The green leaves made into a tea, or a poultice for a particular area.

Winter Colds - A glass of Elderberry & Clove cordial every day will greatly help to keep away those dreaded winter colds.

Wind in Stomach - Use the dried flowers to make a tea. Alternatively, use Elderflower cordial (made in the spring) as a less strong remedy (beautiful as a drink for pure pleasure even when you aren't feeling ill).

Sore Throats & Mouths - Gargle with a strong tea made from the fresh or dried Elderberries. Alternatively gargle with some neat Elderberry Cordial.

I will be adding many future posts on basic home remedies from nature which have been used for hundreds of years, some thousands.

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