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Friday, 18 September 2009

Blackberry Sangria !

I have been nursing a very sick kitten all evening and so haven't had much time to write my blog today...

Whilst hugging said kitten on my tummy, I was surfing the web for innovative things to do with blackberries and found this really fun recipe ! It reminded me of a good friend from North Carolina and I just had to share it, if only for her sake...

That's my excuse...

Blackberry Sangria

10 glasses of a spicy red wine
10 ozs of dark strong rum (Captain Morgans or Navy Rum is perfect)
50 Blackberries (fresh or frozen)

1. Use a large jug or bowl.

2. Put all the ingredients into the jug or bowl and refrigerate until nice and cold.

3. If you are using frozen blackberries, it is ok to put them in frozen. This will be like blackberry ice cubes.

4. Stir and drink !

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