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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bath Time for Kittens

Most of these photos were taken 3 days ago while the babies were still sick.

The larger kitten cat in the photos is Sweepy (brother of Sooty) who is just 6 months old and from the previous litter of the kittens momma. He, for some very strange reason, has taken to mothering them a bit now and then...

He's about half grown now.

Poor guy doesn't realise, but he is for the 'snip' in a few weeks... Maybe that will help his mothering skills... (When I can catch the Mother she is also having her 'fun' curtailed!)

Dinner Time Today...

Bath time for babies

You WILL let me bath you...

Look at the size of that tongue...


  1. Have the twins found a sort of surrogate-mother or is she Mona?

    They look like soft black little clouds :)


  2. No, the grey cat in the photos is a boy kitten cat called Sweep. He is their brother as his mother is also Mona. He is just 6 months old and was born April 2009. So only half grown.

    And yes, they are beautiful soft little balls of love :o) But then I'm just a tad biased...