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Thursday, 27 August 2009

How To Survive a Bad Day...

It started in the usual way, wake up, get dressed, go downstairs, draw back the curtains and gaze at the lovely wild flower meadow outside the window. Then turn the PC on to start some work...


Go back to the window and realise that I am not imagining things.

On my precious wild flower lawn, in amongst the young (precious) raspberry bushes, were 2 donkeys happily munching away.

They looked up at me and smiled. My own donkeys had leapt over their electric fence, trotted down the road, up my drive and decided to mow my precious wild flower lawn.

What joy.

Dashing outside in my sawn off wellies (cleaned) I just look at them from about 6 feet away. They turn around and wander off into their bottom field (not the one they escaped from) by the tunnel, and then look at me again as if to say... "What did we do ?"

I shut the fence and turned the electic fencer on.... until the next time they decide they fancy a stroll...

The day went from bad to worse.

I was throwing up by 2pm and spent the afternoon in bed in agony. Oh the joys of modern medicine ! It was probably caused by the nasty antibiotics I am on...

I also have a dodgy stomach... I have had ulcers on and off since I was 19. Now no-one has ever tested me for H Pylori which could well be causing it and my doc says it needs an endoscopy to find out (at at least a €3,000 cost to the HSE in my case).

I happen to know that you can test for H Pylori with a Urea Breath test costing about €25 ! But surprise surprise, the knowledge hasn't reached the Irish medical profession it seems !

So the HSE are going broke, closing beds and services, charging for medicine for the poorest of the poor, and they spend at least several thousand on every endoscopy to diagnose the presence of H Pylori (and therefore ulcers etc), when they could do it equally as efficiently, at less harm to the client, with a €25 test !!!


I can see myself going to the UK for a €25 test !!!

What joy.


  1. :(
    Are you feeling better today?

  2. I am yes thanks :) I tried to have a quiet Friday... but I'm not very goof at doing nothing !