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Friday, 8 January 2010

Kittens, Wild Birds and a Sunset

Sunset over Chez Sophii

What can I try and kill now...

Oisín having a snooze after a hard day playing...


Tibbles again

Oisín and Meabh playing in the turf basket

Tibbles again

My fire in my office - warm n cosy

A fluffed up thrush eating the seeds and the fat balls on this birdtable.

A robin eating various seeds I put out.
Note the frozen sprouts in the background !!!

Another wee robin eating a slice of bread


  1. Aw... Oisín and Meabh look just the most adorable ever!
    Btw, what a beautiful sunset you got! Love the combination of the sky colours and the leafless trees.


  2. Hi again Nuria :)
    We get some incredible sunsets here - it was even deeper than that photo shows.
    I'll try and get some better pics of Oisín & Meabh, but they are black and don't keep still much !