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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Shock Arrival at Chez Sophii

I was stood at the stove around lunch time, bottling the tomato ketchup I made last night, when I glanced over a few feet away from me to where my semi feral Mona Moma cat was sat squawking at me.

On the floor in front of her was a small black lump.

I walked over to her and realised that she had dumped a tiny kitten on the stone kitchen floor and was just looking at me as if to say - your turn now.

I picked it up and snuggled it warm. It was about 3 or 4 weeks old, with its eyes just about open. It was all black like its Mom.

I found a basket and put a warm towel in it, then led the kitten down in it, all snug and warm. Moma cat came and looked in, then walked off out the door.

About an hour later I walked into the kitchen and there I spotted another little black lump of fur on the floor beside Moma cat, who was waiting beside my boots. So I picked it up and put it into the basket with No 1.

Moma cat came over and jumped in, snuggled down and fell asleep.

So... considering she hasn't looked fat since she had the last kittens in April, I sat there wondering if she had nicked them from somewhere ! But, they do look like her, as both are black like the same as her... so sweet, and so wonderful...

I will sleep with the basket beside the bed, as Moma cat has gone off outside and left them in here with me for the night !


  1. Mona leaves the kittens with grandma ;p, and off she goes!


  2. Yup that's about the size of it ! It's now Friday 8.15pm... she still refuses to feed them or go near them. I am guessing now they are just under 3 weeks ish.. no more.

    They are sucking goats milk mixed with water off my fingers and hands.

    Tomorrow morning will get proper tiny kitten milk and false teats from the vet !

  3. Also - my new camera arived today whilst I was out... so I will get some photos this evening of them and post them here for you to peek at.