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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Happy Sunday ! Fake Strawberry Ice Cream

Welcome to my Sunday !

I have had an extremely lazy day - apart from building a Forum for my other blog www.rheumatoidarthritisireland.blogspot.com , watering the polytunnel and picking more tomatoes, all I did was lie in bed reading until 11am ! I finished the book so I will have to find another for tonight in bed.

One of my kittens (Sooty) decided to figure out the cap flap last night... and he hasn't appeared today... I'm a bit worried, but he has been out overnight before (when he has refused to come in at night), however that wasn't alone, it was with his brother, Sweep.

Tonight I am making more pasta sauce with the tomatoes, cooking roast pork (which I got as a bargain in SuperValu for €2.99 !!) and creating the body beautiful for my date tomorrow.

Hard work that. Lots to do to get it into shape and I only have 15 hours... I've been sidetracked growing veg this summer and things have started to fall apart a tad. I need to make my nails look like nails (rather than garden picks), de fluff my shins (in case the sun is out and I wear a long skirt, and it is also windy), and finally find something to wear.

What to wear... I could definitely do with some help there. Is it possible to make country 'flitting around the garden and picking blackberries in the lanes' clothes look chic, sexy and the kind of thing a guy looks at and says, 'I want that woman', dashing out to buy a bunch of roses, then parachuting down to her and declaring his undying love ?

I don't think so.

Ok so I will go for the 'Summer breeze, wind blown, seeds in the hair, natural earthy look'... and I won't have to bother getting ready even. I like this idea.

Well that being settled, here is a luscious recipe idea for a yummy ice cream.

Fake Strawberry Ice Cream

1 2/3 pints (2 US pints) Strawberries
2 cups Greek Yogurt (plain)
0.5 cup Maple Syrup
1 cup Sour cream

If you can get organic fruit, Greek yogurt and sour cream it would be fantastic. I have a thing about organic food, and always use it when I can.

1. Squish the berries well, into a pulp.

2. Mix the maple syrup into the mushed berries.

3. Next mix in the Greek yogurt and the sour cream.

4. Put the mixture into a shallow pan, and place in the freezer.

5. Stir it every 30 minutes for 2 hours.

6. Eat !

You can easily use raspberries or blueberries instead of the strawberries for this fake ice cream.

News Flash

The wandering kitten has just returned and is sat in front of the oven watching the joint of pork cook.

His sense of smell obviously works.


  1. The date is very impressed she is going to all that trouble for him! But he is a bit worried about this de-fluffing of the legs thing. Does this mean she has legs shaped like an armchair and the fluff has collected in the corners?!!!! If so will i be allowed to use them for a rest on our walk through the woods!!! Only time will tell!!! I would comment further but I have only three hours to get ready and that Daniel Craig is some stiff competition!!!!

  2. Don't worry Anonymous, I admire Daniel Craig for his mind and intellect.....
    De-fluffing your legs and oiling your muscles will be totally lost on me :)

  3. What muscles! She may be expecting a tad too much!!!

  4. Jesus Christ Superstar24 August 2009 at 11:14

    she lives in hope!