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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Great Pig Escape at Gort Show

If you have ever seen baby piglets on the run you will know that there is possibly nothing more entertaining on the planet !

When they escape in the middle of a rural agricultural show you can be sure a crowd will be chasing them with their cameras and plenty of hands and arms will be trying to catch them. Now if you know anything about piglets, you will know that they are uncatchable.
Watching the great pig chase was possibly more entertaining than the sheaf throwing (which in 2007 crushed my car hmm and I had to be towed away by the AA), funnier than watching a pair of very mature gentlemen admire the biggest cock, and possibly better even than watching the local priest enthral the crowd with his harmonica on the stage (he was brilliant by the way).

I was too busy to enter much, but I did manage to win a 2nd for my Strawberry Jam... so I am a happy bunny.

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