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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Perfect Easy Axe - Vipukirves Axe

I want one of these !  

It's formally known as the Vipukirves axe, and it is from Finland.  The video below clearly shows how easy it is to chop wood with the axe (and there are also other videos on YouTube about this axe).

Wonder if they are for sale here in Ireland....

Also, check out the use of the tyre for keeping the log in place as you chop - simply brilliant and another wonderful example of reuse and recycle !


  1. It is really great.I will go straight away to show to my husband ! LOL

  2. Ha ! Smart woman :) Actually, I assume anyone strong enough could use it - but as I recently got married, and my husband loves chopping wood, I will let him save up for it !