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Monday, 22 March 2010

Ghost Orchid

Here is the most uplifting news story, and very apt for Spring - a time of rebirth and new beginnings...

Extinct Ghost Orchid found after 23 years

Wildflowers are a passion of mine, and I 'nuture' part of the land here to allow them to flourish. They are so incredibly beautiful.


  1. Scintillating!
    Btw, orchids are my favourite flower :)

    kiss kiss

  2. I love them too - I have wild ones growing in my fields and garden in late spring.
    I am about to copy a post here that a reader left regarding this orchid above. They posted on the roast dinner blog post, and I thought that readers would be more likely to find it here.
    I hope the OP doesn't mind :)

  3. The following was posted as a comment today on the http://sophiislife.blogspot.com/2010/01/sunday-lunch-roast-chicken-roast.html#comments
    blog post.
    I thought I'd paste it here as it is very relevant and very interesting...
    Thank you to dkchristi, a fellow blogger.

    I found your blog through my google alert for "Ghost Orchid" and what a delight! I thought you might like to read my novel, Ghost Orchid, about an Irish girl seeking her roots and finding them through the Celtic Cross and the mysticism of her name (Neamh) wrapped in the blooming of the Ghost Orchid (a real event) in the corkscrew swamp at the edge of the Everglades in Florida. It's an ebook and Kindle as well as print everywhere online. Take a look - and I'll continue enjoying your blog! www.dkchristi.com (I'm of Irish roots also....)

  4. Thank you dkchristi for your very kind comments :o)