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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Does Gardening Help Me Loose Weight ?

The wonderful answer is YES !

I have been hard at it in the veggie garden and tunnel all afternoon, and on flopping down in the office to check my mail, I thought I would google and see how many calories (if any more than sitting in a chair and typing) I had burned up.

You see no matter how healthy I eat and however much physical work and walking etc I do, I don't loose weight.

It's frustrating because I'm bigger than I used to be (a long time ago) and bigger than I want to be and bigger than the clothes I want to buy.

Well, I did some research and found some great statistics regarding calories burned per hour for various gardening tasks...

Clearing land, hauling branches, and general wheelbarrow chores
350 calories per hour (or 1.3 Snickers bars)

Digging, filling garden, composting
350 calories per hour (or half a McDonald's Big Mac)

Planting Seedlings
315 calories per hour (or 10.5 carrots)

Mowing lawn with a powered mower (walking)
385 calories per hour (or 4.9 glasses of wine)

Mowing lawn with a hand mower (walking)
420 calories per hour (or 2 cans coca cola)

Chopping wood
420 calories per hour (or almost 6 glasses of wine!)

Picking fruit off trees, picking vegetables etc
210 calories per hour (or only 7 carrots)

Watering garden or lawn (standing and bits of walking)
210 calories an hour (or 7 more carrots)

315 calories an hour (or 4 glasses of wine)

According to this I should look like a rake !


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