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Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Saturday & an Afternoon Trip to Lahinch - Again !

We started the day with my visitor Paul feeding the donkeys for me.
He's getting very bold with them !

Then we drove towards Lahinch and stopped for Paul to photograph this beautiful old house.
Note the angle of the dangle - a left over from last nights festivities ?

In Ennistymon I remembered this bakery which is run by a German gentleman, a master baker !
He has been here operating this bakery since 1984 - and the cakes are just as delicious as ever...
We bought a pecan iced danish slice for me, and an apple turnover for Paul. We also bought 4 fresh made croissants for our breakfast tomorrow.
I fancy Paul is getting good at posing for these photos...

When we got to Lahinch we walked straight to The Corner Stone in order to collect Paul's hire car key he dropped on the floor in the bar yesterday...
We were mortified that the pork and leek sausages were no longer on the specials menu - so we asked if they happened to have some left over in the kitchen.
They did - 2 portions - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It was a tad foggy today in Lahinch... This is the main street.

The people in Lahinch don't know where to put their bins ? !!!!!

This is The Corner Stone Bar in Lahinch

What was it I said about posing...

These little fellas (starlings) were singing their little hearts out

This surfer just walked out of the sea and the mist (fog) at Lahinch

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