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Saturday, 19 December 2009


I must most humbly apologise for the gap in posts...

I have been caught up in an ever increasing whirlwind of organisation and smiles.

Have you ever heard of the ripple effect ?

You throw a tiny pebble into a still lake. The resulting ripples just expand and grow and make the most incredibly beautiful mosaic of circles all around.

My life has been like that for the last week.

A seed of an idea, a concept. One word in a couple directions with wonderful and surprising results, and now hundreds (literally) of tiny ripples are spreading out around the pond in to which I threw the pebble.

It is just so beautiful.

So simple.

And so what Christmas is really about - for me.

People are sharing. People are giving. People are coming forward to share and to feel the joy of spending time together...

I am blown away by the kindness, the excitement, the giving, the sharing and the sheer level of togetherness my pebble has created.


Maybe it will keep on spreading far further than I can reach... Wouldn't that be something...

If everyone did just one tiny kind thing, something unexpected, imagine the ripples...

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