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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Love Letter

Hello Blog...

I keep writing to you, but as yet I have had not one single reply. This peeves me. A tad.

114 posts I have sent you now and no response.... I'm almost sobbing with utter dejection.

I wonder if you are reading this, maybe passing it around amongst your blogroll mates up there, smiling at the human wondering why you never respond...


Maybe you are above replying. Maybe I'm not worthy...

Maybe you just sit there smiling serenely down at me tapping away day after day, night after night, on my little keyboard, wearing my fingers down to stubs and foregoing all sustenance until I have my post done for the day.

Such dedication on my part. Such utter determination.

And what do you do ?


Not a damn peep !

Not a single word !

Not even a blip !


Oh well - I'm patient. Very patient.

One day I KNOW you will reply, and until then I will keep writing to you, keeping my hope alive, imagining that you care and will one day send your love across the airwaves, along the wire and into my life.

Until then...

Yours devotedly,

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