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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Kinvara Christmas Market Photos - Saturday 5th December

This is what barred my way this morning ! Over the small hill/rise you can see behind the water - it was a massive flood lake - incredible - so destructive and yet so wildly beautiful.

This kind of thing made the journey to the Kinvara Christmas Market all worthwhile - there were some incredible stalls.
These wee Santa fairy cakes were made by Deirdre Flanagan - an artist with icing !
Colour, shape and humour - an amazing combination.
Cheese, cheese and more cheese - and from every animal imaginable !

My favourite hen keeper - James the Egg Man

The Icing Artist again - Deirdre Flanagan's stall

My very good and dear friend - Roshan and her stall

Heavenly jellies, coridals, vinegars, hand made boxes, eclectic art and much more

The Kitchen Witch
Helga Pikal

An absolute genius when making cakes - they taste every bit as good as they look and are incredibly rich, exotic and sumptuous !
Helga also makes the most detailed and stunning witches, wizard and fairy dolls and is a member of the Professional Doll Maker's Art Guild.

You can see all her creations, including the dolls on www.helgapikal.com

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