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Saturday, 5 December 2009

49 Today !

I don't usually tell anyone I have a birthday, but I have decided this year that I need to change the habit - it's a bad one.

So today I am celebrating my 49th birthday !

And I'm gritting my teeth and telling people. However, I am finding that more difficult than I expected - old habits die hard...

I think only two people in Ireland knew before I wrote this. One I told on Thursday and one I told today. She promptly made a point of telling others because she knew I was hiding it !

OMG 49 - You realise that this means next year I'm 50 Hmmm

I really don't feel anything like 49, let alone 50. How come we age in years so differently to how we do mentally and physically ?

The friend told me that I should tell everyone I'm 39 today - but that is pushing it rather ! Nice idea, but I really don't mind being 49, well not too much.

Anyway - I have 49 years of amazing experiences, good and bad, many of which most people wouldn't have the chance of in 10 lifetimes - so I consider myself very lucky.

What have I done with my birthday...

This morning I drove all around the floods and went to Kinvara Christmas Market via Kilcolgan ! The market was brilliant. Full of Christmas food, gifts, and wonderful frivolous things, that only a very fun, friendly and creative bunch of people could muster on a wet, gale force windy, flooded and cold winter's Saturday.

It was more than worth the round-a-bout drive (it's normally only 6 miles from here to there - today it took me almost 45 minutes).

I took some lovely photographs and will post them in the next post.

Meanwhile - if you would like to go it is on again tomorrow ! 10am to 4pm in the Johnston's Hall, Kinvara. Be there ! I will be - to chat to friends and have a great lasange and salad lunch (made specially by Rosaleen).

Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend Deirdre (the first person I admitted it was my birthday to). I have choosen to go to the Indian restaurant in Gort, which is apparently lovely.

I'll let you know all about that tomorrow.

Slainté !


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! :)

    Btw, I like birthdays!
    I don't see them as a way of saying: "hey! look at me, I'm older, more wrinkled, and still breathing" ;p I like them because it's a sort of Life celebration :)