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Friday, 27 November 2009

Dead Car & Floods

My car died a week or so ago... bilious clouds of snow white smoke with pale blue tints, a gawd awful smell like dead rubber and mangled metal, me forcing it along to home in first gear - kangaroo hoping and stalling on the slightest slope. All this in the worst floods ever here and in torrential rain - I do live such an exciting life...

I did manage to get it home - don't ask how because I can only think it was a miracle (a non religious one of course as I'm a non believer - shock horror etc !!!). Either that or my sheer determination not to get stuck !

So - I rang my mechanic (Gaby of Gabriel's Motorsport in Kilcogan who is the best thing since sliced bread) and asked if he agreed with me what was wrong.

He did.

It's either the head gasket, or the head itself - either way the car is knackered.

On top of that the NCT had run out which was to cost €200. What with a replacement head on the cards I decided that it simply wasn't worth spending many many hundreds of euros on a car worth about €30.

So no car... and I'm by now stir crazy !

Anyway I have spotted one online I fancy and its cheap ! All I have to do now is ask a friend nicely to take me to see it.

Easier said that done.... everywhere between me and my fancied car is underwater ! I need a canoe or better still a 4m rib with a nice big juicy outboard...

Vrooooooooooooooooooooom no problem

And brilliant fun

I was telling a friend today about how I'm surrounded by water but safe. I was joking about spending tomorrow building myself a canoe... and he immediately wrote me this limerick -

There once was a lady who built
A canoe so that she wouldn't be kill't
By the floods that surround her
But boggies did abound there
And boarded her boat 'til it fill't

Courtesy of and written by Wraith - a friend

Someone cares !!!!!

Actually I am very lucky - several good friends care - one has been taking me shopping and others telephone to make sure I haven't floated away... so I'm cared for - which is nice.


I am so annoyed I can't drive to the water in various places and take photographs - so frustrating.

Maybe tomorrow (it's promised dry and sunny) I will see if I am good enough to walk that far, and get some pics.

Could be nice...

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  1. This Wraith guy looks amazingly talented. I recommend that any publisher reading here should immediately sign him to a highly lucrative contract for something or other.