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Monday, 2 November 2009

Ballyvaughan Winter Farmer's Market

Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market is NOT stopping at the end of October as usual !!!!
This is brilliant news for those of us that use local farmer's markets as our weekly food source, for those things that we don't grow, bake, make or gather ourselves.
The market is to continue through the winter on Saturday mornings from 10am to 2pm, as always.
There is also organic fairtrade tea and coffee for just €1.50, so it's also a glorious cafĂ© too !
Below I have selected a few of the photos I have taken of Ballyvaughan market over the last 3 weeks.

This is what it looks like at the end of the day !!!

I love it when people bring all their excess produce to sell - always interesting and blessed with surprise gems...

Nearly sold out !

'Mrs Kelly's Country Fare'

Monk's Veg diversifying for Christmas !!

This is my all time favourite Hot Dog stall !!!!!!

She also supplies hams, pork chops and sausages !

All from their own 11 rare breed piggies each year.

Heaven in a sausage skin !

Live Oysters !

Courtesy of Goleen Shellfish

This ladies husband is the local fisherman and he catches all this fresh for the stall. You can't buy better anywhere on the planet...

Orders etc: 086 8246374

This fella wouldn't keep still when I 'posed' him !

That blue is just to die for... he has lapis lazuli tints...

Again Goleen Shellfish...


Same fisherman

Yummy crab claws

OMG just divine baked in garlic butter...

These shrimp are alive and lively !

The one 6 from the left is Alistair, and the one next to him is Sarah...

Muscles of course...
All still Goleen Shellfish

Beautiful huh ?
Roshan and Peter are very talented ! And very artistic... even their food is art...

This young couple and their cute baby delight the punters with various delectable snacks - fast food comes to Ballyvaughan, market style !

Monk's Veg - Rooster spuds

Michael Monk and his son - sorry mate can't remember your name !
Should this stall now be called Monk's Veg & Son ?

Some carrots...

A cabbage...

Works of art from Roshan & Peter again... aka Perigringos

Roshan's wonderful healing creams and potions
Here you can see Calendula and Chickweed

Peter of Roshan & Peter is from Belgium, and this is real Belgian chocolate.
They brought the choc moulds all the way from Belgium and made these real cute fellas for Hallowe'en.

More art from Roshan & Peter

White Belgian chocolate and blackberry cheesecake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a piece of this and O M G
There is also Belgian milk chocolate in here too !
Courtesy of local artist, herbalist and hunter gatherer, Roshan !

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