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Friday, 23 October 2009

Saturday & Sunday Choc Raffle Winners

Firstly - I have to apologise for the delay in this announcement. I have not been too well and had to rationalise my time.

That said hopefully I am back on track now...

The raffle on Saturday was for a bar of Wildes Irish chocolate. They hand make their bars which in this day and age is very special. They are also from very near to where I live.

Saturday's winner was ikkinlala ! Congratulations !

Sunday's raffle was for a bar of chocolate from another Irish company, Butler's.

Sunday's winner was Faisy ! So congratulations to Faisy also !

I will contact all the week's winners by email over the weekend, and the various bars of chocolate will be flying all over the world next week ! They are off to the US, Canada, Pakistan, and Northern Ireland. Some lucky entrants even won 2 different raffles.

No-one entered the Galaxy bar raffle, so I will be sending that bar to a special friend in the US who I know will be very surprised.

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