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Monday, 12 October 2009

Chocolate Week - It's The First Day Giveaway !!

Every day this week I am going to GIVE AWAY some kind of CHOCOLATE BAR simply for fun and to celebrate our very own International Chocolate Week.
To kick start this wonderful week, I have decided to give away the prize of a BIG bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk !!!
All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, before midnight tomorrow (13th October/14th) Irish time (same as UK time). Remember to include an email address so that I can contact the winner. Comments without that can't be included in the raffle for the free chocolate I am afraid, unless its connected to a Google ID and I can contact you that way if you win.

Good Luck and Happy International Chocolate Week !!!!!


  1. I lub Cadburys choccies! Timeouts, Twirls, Roses, Fingers, Buttons! Yummo! Happy Chocolate Week Sophie! Love Irish!

  2. and a happy Chocolate Week to you too Irish !!

  3. Sopie its faisy^^ .. I love chocolates ... i want 1 free bar .. lol but i cant :( i m so far from Ireland.
    By the way happy cocolate week :)

  4. Hi faisy :o)
    If you win I will happily post the chocolate out there !!! Dont worry about that ! Postage for bars isnt expensive :)
    Good luck and Happy Chocolate Week to you too !!!

  5. Hi Sophii

    I showed my boyfriend your site after my blackberry / elderberry attack in his kitchen (I think I was trying to explain that its not just me who likes to create these combinations!). Anyway - he saw the post about chocolate week and from that point refused to believe that I came across you by searching for berry recipes. Instead he's convinced I've been seeking others with my chocolate obsession!

    Its a great idea - though I have no idea if I'm posting too late for the chocolate - midnight on the 13th? Now is that the midnight that starts the 13th or the midnight that ends the 13th? Or it is obvious and I'm just spinning around ignoring the obvious?!


    Claire x

  6. Hi ikkinlala

    Happy Chocolate Week to you too !!

    If you want to be in the draw for the choc - please dont forget to leave me an email or some means that I can contact you if you win :)

  7. Hi again Ikkinlala - I just realised I can email you via your Google ID - so no worries if you win !