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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Apologies to Claire !

I have to offer my most humble apology to Claire of Northern Ireland.
You were in fact the winner of Mondays raffle, I just mis-typed your name as Cathy !
The Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar will be winging its way to you very soon !


  1. Hi Sophii!


    I wondered if it was me but just assumed that there were loads of us in NI all clamouring for your chocolate.

    Thank you so much. Its made my evening x

    If you email me at clsmales@hotmail.com, I can let you know where to send my beautiful beautiful bar of chocolate.

    That's so nice of you x

  2. You are most welcome Claire... The giveaways are just for fun for the few followers of my Blog :o)

    Not many people know about this Blog, so not many people enter !
    There are about 40 regular readers and about 15 that come back everyday, and not everyone wants chocolate !
    So anyone who enters is in with a great chance... and it's FUN !