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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

NCT & Baby Bears

Well today was a day that has been marked on my calendar as a BLACK day... Dreaded more than shopping for underwear and a whole lot more than cleaning the oven.

My NCT was booked for 15:40.


Well I was so keen I was early. Yes I know, I'm nuts. But I was just hoping that they might do me early.


My poor little old beaten up Corolla went through at 4.20pm... After the tea break.

They then have this very scary system of calling you by the registration number to the 'Advice Desk'. Advice my ass !!!!! It's to give you the GOOD NEWS or the BAD NEWS.

Mine was BAD NEWS. Lots of it.

I failed on 7 things... 3 bulbs, 1 battery bracket, 1 smelly emission (probably a hole in the exhaust the friendly test centre mechanic said), and 2 rear steering bushes (I always knew my rear needed attention).

The GOOD NEWS is that I expected it to fail on at least double that amount of things, and for much more serious reasons.

I only got the car tested to see if it was worth repairing, fully expecting the repairs to be about €500+ and assuming I'd be better off buying another old car with an NCT. Now after talking to my Ace Mechanic that I have used for years, it can be done for about €150... he really is a very good mechanic,and very honest. A rare thing.

So now I'm going to plug Gabrielle's Motorsports of Kilkolgan, Co Galway, Gabby for short. I'll add the telephone number tomorrow !

Anyway, on the even more positive side, while I was waiting for my car to go through the mill, I wandered into the nearby Lidl supermarket and bought 2 really cute baby velour teddy bears at €2 each for the kittens...


Hopefully it will give them something to suck rather than each other...

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