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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate Giveaway

Happy Wednesday ! It's the middle of the week and only 2 more days and it's the weekend !

I have a secret (not any more) passion for Green & Blacks organic white chocolate. It's made with Madagascan vanilla and is simply to die for. Now I'm not a choccy person at all really, but this is one thing that I find it very hard to resist... that and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale...

So, to have a bit of fun I decided to kind of 'raffle' a 100g bar of this chocolate and post it to the winner (sorry no, it's not a raffle for Daniel Craig).

You can enter the competition from today, Wednesday the 19th of August to Tuesday the 25th August inclusive. 1 week. 7 days.

I will enter every name that leaves a sensible and relevant comment on this blog. Up to a maximum of 1 entry per person per day. So you can enter 7 times !

When you leave your comment, and wish to be entered for the free chocolate bar, please just send me an email containing your email address. Alternatively you can leave it within your comment if you prefer.

Happy commenting !


  1. Can't I have the choccie bar melted all over Daniel Craig's hot body instead? Now there's a prize! OneIrishRover@msn.com

  2. Ha ha ha - Oh my now there's a thought... hmmmmmmmm

  3. He would probably be better just dipped in chocolate !!!! mmmmm yum yum

  4. Jesus Christ Superstar20 August 2009 at 12:18

    Only one auld bar??????????????? jasus!

  5. Sure Pixyboo... a starving artist can only afford one bar... and in raffling that I am depriving myself :(
    When I make my first million I will raffle 2 ok ?

  6. Jesus Christ Superstar20 August 2009 at 12:47

    starving? you? ha ha ha

  7. As a male I am not turned on by Mr Craig, but Pixyboo covered in choc.... well ... ??

  8. You will need to ask her nicely Mr Anonymous :o) PS if you want to be in the raffle for the Choc, you need to leave some form of ID !

  9. Jesus Christ Superstar21 August 2009 at 12:30

    take a hike-u freek!

  10. Uhhh I think I got the connection of the chocolate bar and the photo....same sound one makes when one has a taste of either no? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. By the way that photo was taken in Nassau/Paradise, Bahamas-Cabbage Beach where I grew up.