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Friday, 28 August 2009

Cure for Dog Bites & The White Chocolate Raffle

If, like me, you have loads of fresh cucumbers ripening all at once, and you can't possibly eat them all with salad and you have made 6 trillion jars of cucumber pickle already... then here is the perfect useful cure for someone sick of actual cucumbers...

How Not To Use Those Extra Cucumbers (just the leaves)

How To Heal A Dog Bite

Gather the green leaves of the cucumber vines growing in your greenhouse or polytunnel (outside if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer place than Ireland).

Crush the leaves in wine (red or white is ok, depending on your personal taste) and then paste the crushed, soaked leaves onto the aforementioned dog bite.

If at that point you are wondering what the hell you are doing, drink the wine left over from the crushing and this will for sure enable the cure to work to the best of its ability.

and now for something completely different...

Today's the day the chocolate bar is to be raffled !!! I will admit... I have bought 4 bars so far and had to test them all, they kind of looked like they might have gone 'off'...


I have put all the comments into a straw hat and will now pick out one..

Big drum roll...

And the winner is.......................

"Anonymous said... Can't I have the choccie bar melted all over Daniel Craig's hot body instead? Now there's a prize! OneIrishRover@msn.com"

If the winner wishes to claim their prize then can they please email me their address and it will wing itself to you post haste. I am afraid that Daniel Craig declined my invitation to deliver the chocolate bar in person, on the grounds that he probably wouldn't get there without it melting and getting it all over himself.

No comment.

I also decided to award a very extra special prize of a second bar of Green & Black's White Chocolate to the person who, in my opinion, made the bravest comment of all ...

"Anonymous said... As a male I am not turned on by Mr Craig, but Pixyboo covered in choc.... well ... ??"

If this extremely brave person wishes to reveal themselves and have their choccy bar posted to them, then can they please email me, in complete privacy of course.

Thank you everyone for making it so much fun.

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  1. Hi Betty/Quba,
    Thank you so much for your comment and I am very pleased that you are enjoying the blog. I really do have a lot of fun writing it everyday.
    I look forward to any future comments, and any ideas/requests are always gratefully received.