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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market

If you would like a real treat on a Saturday lunchtime (Summer time only I'm afraid), and are in the region of North Clare, then there is no where better than the Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market for a few edible delights.

Today I had a piece of heavenly blackcurrant cheesecake from a stall called Cakes N Crumbs. It was very light and creamy, and the blackcurrant flavour was as fresh as when they come off the bush.

I also bought some beetroot dip and a jar of apple jelly with vanilla and lemon, both to die for and made by Roshan and Peter who have a stall there every week. The beetroot dip is something else altogether, and I challenge anyone to make the jar last more than 36 hours. Impossible ! It's made with their own beetroots, organic Greek yogurt and their secret combination of black pepper and a few herbs, all blended in smooth.

I really must get another digital camera (I dropped the last one and killed it) so that I can show you the colour of the beetroot dip. It's like a beautiful pot of oil paint - so rich in colour.

There is a lady there, I can't remember her name, but she sells hand reared free range pork. I bought some sliced cooked ham from her which was a very reasonable price, considering the quality of the product. It was pure melt in the mouth ham MMMmmmMMM. She bakes it coated in honey and orange. And zero chemicals added ! If you are peckish, she will make you a toasted sandwich on the spot with the same ham, and any other bits you'd like included - a real treat.

Well, its late here now and I need my beauty sleep... I will write up my recipe for Chocolate Courgette Cake tomorrow - and before you turn your noses up - its delicious. I'm sure you love carrot cake, and this is the same idea. I can't think of a better way to use up all those millions of courgettes (zucchini).

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